Because we want to take an active part in reducing our Customers’ production costs, our range of products and services includes regeneration and production of cutting tools. We are distinguished by high quality, short lead times and competitive prices. 


We offer services in the field of sharpening and coating of VHM, HSSE PM, HSSE, HSS and PCD tools. We restore the original geometry of tools or change them according to Customer guidelines. The range of services covers regeneration of mills, drills, taps, countersinks, reamers and special tools.


We produce special tools based on the drawing provided by the Customer. The range of services relates to the production of monolithic carbide tools (e.g. mills, drills, taps, countersinks and reamers), PCD tools, indexable milling cutters, turning tool holders and other, the possibility of production of which can be determined after the analysis of the drawing or consultation with the Customer.



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