deep hole drilling tools (up to 200xD)

We are an authorised, exclusive distributor of BTA-Tiefbohrsysteme on the territory of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Deep Hole Boring – An Inaccessible World

In today’s production world, precision and production strategies are a significant constituent for success. The more complex the production process, the more important are these two factors. Our company, BTA-Tiefbohrsysteme GmbH, is the essential partner for implementation even under difficult marginal conditions with high requirements. We are the only company in the world capable of offering our customers everything from inserts to complete, suitable equipment for deep hole boring machines. Our experienced experts are always at your side to ensure proper support from planning your deep hole boring project up to tool services. All this is aimed at your success.

In the company-owned application and research department we can test innovations and special designed tools, customize the tools to user-specific material and train their operators. You will receive tools customized for your application and benefit from our experience.

Our tool systems offer you the following advantages:

– Tools designed for various processes (solid boring, trepanning, counter boring and skiving) with the same effective elements, especially such as inserts and guides. This results in extremely low stocks and simple handling.

– Suitable selection possibilities for tools, corresponding to required boring quality, from simple solid boring to form boring.

– Custom layout of tools for various production requirements to straightness, surface, material and constant wall thickness.

– Equipment matched to the deep hole boring process – from workpiece clamping to vibration damping.

– Production-optimized machinery layout for reducing setup and conversion times.

Here are a few results from production boring with our tools:

– Surface Ra < 0.1 μm e.g. by skiving and roller burnishing

– Mismatch of axes < 0.1mm/m e.g. by pull counter boring

– Hole accuracy < IT8 e.g. by skiving

Benefit from these advantages by cooperating with a strong partner. BTA-Tiefbohrsysteme GmbH

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